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   F E E S

cost of living at Minton House expressed in Canadian dollars

In Minton  House owners pay two kinds of fee every month:


the monthly assessment fee*

This fee is the same every month, but varies according to the size (i.e. sqf) of the suite. This fee pays for the employee wages (excluding housekeeping) and building maintenance & security.

At the moment it ranges between $ 1,395.95 and 2.308.68.

the monthly service fee*

This fee varies according to the services rendered and  the number of persons occupying the suite:

$ 160 for housekeeping (cannot opt out, does not  depend                                                   on number of occupants)

$ 248 for meals (per person, can opt out )

$ 52.50 for medical alert system (per person, can opt out)




*in February 2024.  Subject to changes over time. Please contact Minton House to verify current figures

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