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The evening meal

Dining room table at Minton House

Unlike other places for seniors, Minton House offers one instead of three meals a day.  This is because Minton House wishes to offer an affordable, efficient and flexible meal service for seniors who are still independent.

The service is affordable

Residents pay for only one meal a day:  a three-course dinner prepared in house by a chef.  This is usually all they really require:  when a senior is getting a nutritious three-course meal in the evening, a light breakfast and lunch that they can prepare in their full kitchens is enough.  No money is wasted on unneeded food; if a resident cannot eat everything at dinner, they can put it in a container to take upstairs, to eat for lunch next day.

The service enables a flexible lifstyle

It offers the freedom of having breakfast and lunch as and when they wish to prepare them in their full kitchens. Also, the residents are allowed to opt out of dinner and receive a refund. 

Guests are welcome, provided that a 48-hour notice is given (extra fee $16).

Housekeeping cart at Minton House

Weekly housekeeping

Light housekeeping is provided once a week.  The housekeeper dedicates an hour and a quarter to each suite. 

There is an official list of duties to be performed that is up for discussion: residents, within reason, may request changes, i.e. replace one duty with another, to suit their personal needs.  This is possible because Minton House employs its own housekeeper and she is happy to offer this level of flexibility.  

This modest and flexible level of housekeeping makes the service affordable.  It can obviously be integrated with a separate, in-depth housekeeping service from outside.  


Housekeeping is not optional.  Residents may opt out of housekeeping and get a refund no more than 10 times a year (such as when they go on holiday and are not occupying their suite).  


Heavy laundry (linen and towels) are included in housekeeping.  You bed is stripped and remade.

There is a laundry room with a washer and drier on each floor for personal laundry, which residents do by themselves

Laundry Rm.jpg

Medical alert system

the medical alert system of Lifeline offered at Minton House

Minton House has an agreement with Lifeline and offers their "On the go" medical alert device, which includes fall detection and is active not only in the building, but also wherever you go in Canada*.  See for further details.  This service is optional.

Minton House has staff who are certified in First Aid and CPR and will respond in the event of an emergency between 08:00 AM and 10:00 PM.  In line with the community spirit of Minton House, residents volunteer to be available in the event of an emergency during the night.

* does not detect 100% of falls and subject to where third-party cellular network coverage is available


Security warning at Minton House

Minton House staff is on duty manning the front desk from 08:00 AM until 10:00 PM. 

Residents access the building by using key fobs, which can be deactivated in the event of loss or theft and cannot be copied. 

Between 10:00 PM and 08:00 AM security systems are activated:

  • Sensors on the windows and doors of the common areas, which trigger an alarm in the event of breakage. 

  • Cameras recording what occurs in the parking lot behind the building.  The cameras are monitored by AI, which alerts a guard of the security company (Commissionaires) if the camera records human movement.  The guard then decides what to do according to what is actually happening.

In the event of an alarm, Commissionaires send a patrol car to Minton House within a few minutes, and, if necessary, also call the police.   


Minton House employs its own staff, who are all certified in First Aid and CPR.  Their main duties are:

  • response to emergencies

  • basic general services

  • serving the evening meal

  • cleaning of common areas


Basic general services include manning the front desk, office duties, support for social events, occasional small tasks helping residents with the use of modern technology such as a smart phone, and giving advice on resources in the community for tasks that require more time or are needed regularly.

Guest suite

Family or friends coming to visit and no room in your suite?  No problem, they can stay in the guest suite, which includes a bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a full bathroom.  

Residents can book it for up to two consecutive weeks at $45 a night.  Extensions can be granted by Council.

Guest suite door at Minton House
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